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Deep Blue Financial is the collaboration of lifelong friends, Andrew Peters and Clive Corbett.


Deep Blue Financial was first launched back in 1999 when good friends, Andrew Peters and Clive Corbett had the desire to build and run their own business. Andrew and Clive first met in 1992. Realising their shared financial background and passion for Scuba Diving, the friendship was cemented.

After many years of both Andrew and Clive working independently in financial services, they decided to bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise together to start a new business venture; a business that would excel in offering expert advice and customer care. Naming the company Deep Blue was an easy decision as it holds a clear link to their shared passion of diving. To this day, Scuba Diving remains a passion for both Andrew and Clive and they still regularly dive together all over the world.

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Our Head Offices in Fareham are bright and spacious with porthole style windows, this is now known as Deep Blue House. The building itself has a very interesting history. It was built in the early 1800’s and was originally built as a bonded warehouse. In the 18th and early 19th century vessels of up to 200 tons would arrive in Fareham Creek to discharge their cargo of imported granite, timber, milling grains and coal into the warehouse, now known as Deep Blue House, to be cleared for customs.

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German U Boat image on the water

Towards the end of the First World War Deep Blue House then known as Quayside warehouse, was used to break up U Boats, four submarines were brought up Fareham Creek. One was complete, this was a small German UC.9. The other 3 submarines had their conning towers and upper deck fittings taken off. Three of them were tied up by Rogers creek along Bath lane, and one was brought up outside Deep Blue House where she was broken up.

In the early 1920’s the building later was owned by Fred Dyke, then known as Fred Dykes repair shop, Fred was a renowned figure in Fareham, as he also occupied the arches at the western end of the Quay Street viaduct, and he owned several businesses in Fareham. He was a notorious character and was often seen driving around Fareham in a four-horse powered carriage with Tom Parker, who was a local milkman.

In the 1960’s an additional floor was added, and the building was changed from a warehouse into office space

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In 2006 Clive and Andrew purchased Deep Blue House and for many years Deep Blue Financial occupied the first floor whilst the ground floor was leased out to other businesses.

In 2018 work started to occupy the ground floor due to the growth of the business. The works took nearly a year with the grand opening in April 2019, this includes a suite of meeting rooms, an office for the Office Manager, additional toilet, cloakroom and a breakout area for all staff, along with a full modernisation of the whole building.