Portfolio Management Service

For many clients personally selecting pension and investment funds is a daunting task, let alone the process of regularly reviewing the funds to ensure that they are performing well and remain in alignment with your attitude to risk and investment objectives.

Our Deep Blue Portfolio Management Service (PMS) service is about ensuring that your pension/investment is carefully monitored on a quarterly basis. This includes monitoring the potential of greater investment returns for lower volatility, although this is not guaranteed.

Our portfolio management service comprises of eight risk-related portfolios investing in a combination of different asset classes; equities, government and corporate bonds, property and cash.

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The aim of the PMS is to outperform its benchmark with the objective of achieving lower volatility at all risk levels. Our investment team monitor individual funds as well as the overall portfolio performance on a daily basis to identify under-performing funds to be sold and selecting replacement funds from the same sector.

Each quarter we will recommend any fund switches or if no fund changes have been suggested, ask for confirmation to re-balance your plan/s. Thereby bringing your investment back in line with your chosen attitude to risk and ensuring your portfolio stays closely aligned to the core asset allocation. This ensures that your portfolio does not become unbalanced due to changes in the value of individual funds over time.



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