Traditionally your pension may well be one of your biggest assets and the main source of income in retirement. To ensure the best possible return on this asset it is crucial to obtain the best advice. Here at Deep Blue Financial Ltd we specialise in offering professional, specialist and independent advice. Advice that will potentially make all the difference to our clients financially in the long term.

We understand that this is, your pension, your life and getting the right solution is key. As pension specialists our role is to help you make the most of whatever pension arrangements you have. To remove as much of the hassle and burden of dealing with pensions as we can and to free up valuable time in order that you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life.

Our dedicated team of pension specialists are here to help and to answer any questions regarding your pension arrangements.


Pension Freedom

Pension Freedom is described as THE biggest shakeup of the UK’s pension rules in the last hundred years. Being able to understand and, more importantly, appreciate the change in access to pensions and the opportunity that this creates for individuals is crucial.

The new legislation now allows individuals to take out an unlimited amount out of a pension scheme at the age of 55. It means that an individual, subject to Inland Revenue limits, can elect not to take any income from salary they do not need in the current year, save the money, reclaim all tax payable and invest it in a tax free area which is exempt from inheritance tax. At the age of 55, they then have full access to the funds which will be subject to considerably lower tax.
To be able to access pension funds, advice must be taken from a firm with the appropriate permissions. There are only around 1100 advisers in the UK with the permissions to advise in this area; Deep Blue Financial Ltd is one of them.

Pension Transfer

Pension legislation has changed considerably in recent years. Here at Deep Blue Financial Ltd, we are recognised as pension transfer specialists. We work with individuals and with financial advisers who are seeking expertise in this area for their clients.

If you have a personal pension that started before 2006 or your pension is with a company that is closed to new business, the chances are your pension will benefit from a full review. Other considerations would include if you have left employment that offered a scheme or if you have been asked to leave a current company pension scheme.

Here are just some of the questions that our advisers will ask when looking at a pension transfer:

  • When was the last time your arrangements were reviewed?
  • Do you know if they will be sufficient for your retirement?
  • Are you paying more charges than necessary?
  • Are the underlying investments right for you?

For more advice on how to get the most out of your current pension arrangements, please speak to our team of experts to ensure that you are on track for a happy retirement.


Prior to the recent radical changes to the UK pension regulations, it was quite standard that people would contribute to a personal or company pension scheme until retirement. At which point, they would buy an annuity (with the option of first being able to draw down 25% as a tax-free lump sum).

Today, there are a number of different options available for individuals and their pension funds. However, for many an annuity is still the best choice.

So how do you know which annuity is right for you?

The company with whom you have been saving may offer you an annuity direct, however it pays to shop around. The annuity market is a competitive and you have an automatic right to an ‘open market’ option that enables an annuity to be purchased elsewhere. This may add thousands to your total income over a lifetime.

Our annuity advice service takes care of the whole process for you, including advising on the appropriate type and structure of the annuity for you. We source comparative quotations, obtain and complete all necessary forms and discharge warranties, deal with money laundering and proof of age requirements. We take the process right through to the release of any cash payments and the establishment of your regular income payments.

Retirement Planning – Other Options

Annuities are not right for everyone. There are many other retirement products and options available. It is important to establish the one that is most suitable for you. After discussing your objectives and circumstances, we will recommend the best solution to meet with your specific needs and objectives.

Pensions In Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a very stressful and painful experience. Many people are unaware that it is a legal requirement for pensions be taken account of under any divorce settlement and since the year 2000, lawyers and the courts have had the option of applying Pension Sharing Orders. Pension Sharing Orders enable the pension benefits of one party to be transferred and allocated to a former spouse under a divorce settlement.

Deep Blue Financial Ltd can offer specialist advice on the best long-term financial options for couples who are going through a divorce. This includes everything from policy valuations and obtaining CETV’s (Cash Equivalent Transfer Values), through to advising on and arranging new pension contracts and rebuilding pension rights after divorce.


What is a SIPP?

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a Registered Pension scheme under the terms of the Finance Act 2004. A SIPP is designed for investors who want maximum control and flexibility over their pension, with no ties to any fund manager or insurance company.

A SIPP allows an income to be drawn directly from the funds held within it. This facility is called income drawdown, and it enables the continued control and management of the scheme’s assets whilst benefits are being drawn. A SIPP enables you to draw benefits in tranches under an arrangement known as ‘phased’.

There are many benefits for a SIPP, however it does require active management and investment expertise.

What is a SSAS?

An SSAS is a Small Self-Administered Scheme, individually authorised by HM Revenue and Customs. It is an occupational registered pension scheme set up by the sponsoring business.

In the same way as a SIPP, the SSAS receives contributions and transfers to accumulate a retirement fund for its members. At retirement, the choices are the same as for the SIPP.

However an SSAS, unlike a SIPP, can make a loan back to the sponsoring employer – thus giving flexibility to that business. An SSAS is also able to own the business property and invest in a wide range of investments.

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