Employee Benefits

Employee benefits form an important part of an individual’s remuneration package and can make a big difference to staff retention. The provision of such benefits can be cost-effective for the employer whilst providing valuable cover to the workforce at a fraction of the cost incurred should the employee apply for standalone personal cover.

Here at Deep Blue Financial Ltd, our team of advisers can assist you with the creation of a bespoke employee benefit package tailored to your required costing and relevant to the structure of your workforce.

Private medical insurance ensures that the employees have immediate access to health care. This reduces the amount of time that they away from the office and thus reduces the impact on the workplace, particularly if employees can be treated straight away for conditions that could potentially cause long-term sickness or reduced productivity.

This is a cover that is based on multiples of an individual’s salary. Death in Service cover ensures that, should the worst happen whilst the individual is employed by yourself, their family and loved ones are looked after.

Income protection provides the assurance of a level of salary in the event of long-term sickness, thus reducing the financial burden if the individual is too ill to work. Income protection policies provide a peace of mind that in the event that you cannot work, regular bills such as mortgage, rent or utility bills will still be able to be met.  An income protection policy will come into force after an agreed period of time and will pay out until you return to work or retirement, whichever is soonest.

Since October 2012, workplace pensions are changing and employers are gradually being required to enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension. For more information on Employer obligations, please visit our Auto Enrolment page.

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