About Deep Blue Financial

Deep Blue Financial is the collaboration of lifelong friends, Andrew Peters and Clive Corbett

Deep Blue Financial was first launched back in 1999 when good friends, Andrew Peters and Clive Corbett had the desire to build and run their own business. Andrew and Clive first met in 1992. Realising their shared financial background and passion for Scuba Diving, the friendship was cemented.

After many years of both Andrew and Clive working independently in financial services, they decided to bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise together to start a new business venture; a business that would excel in offering expert advice and customer care. Naming the company Deep Blue was an easy decision as it holds a clear link to their shared passion of diving. To this day, Scuba Diving remains a passion for both Andrew and Clive and they still regularly dive together all over the world.

Deep Blue Financial offers impartial financial advice to corporate and private clients across the UK. Their head office is situated by the quayside in Fareham and offers beautiful views across the water. The building started its life 150 years ago as a warehouse, but today the offices are bright and spacious with porthole style windows which completes the nautical theme of Deep Blue.